Thermazone is a device that offers easy, high-efficiency heating and cooling therapy without the use of ice! Our compact design is packed full of features and provides consistent, therapeutic temperature levels for any part of the body.

This technology satisfies a clear unmet clinical need- safe, effective and targeted localized treatment with precise temperature management and registration. Traditional means of heating and cooling therapy (ice packs and gel packs, heating pads and circulating devices) are not efficient or fully effective including issues with:

  • Pain and temperature miss-use (freeze burns and hot spots)
  • Condensation (dripping)
  • Rapid loss of temperature
  • No temperature control
  • Toxic content, risk of wound poisoning
  • Environmental impact

We have had great success with this product as a MIGRAINE RELIEF SYSTEM which is drug-free, programmable, patient controlled unit which makes that system fantastic for any patient suffering from migraine and has had enough with medicines and injections. Please call us today to talk about purchase or our rental program.