We are pleased to be able to offer the Thermazone hot and cold therapy system as the latest addition to our rental division. Now not only can one purchase but patients have the ability to rent the unit on either a monthly basis or a rent-to-own program.

This unit can be used after surgery as an alternative to ice buckets or cold wraps. Thermazone is the first device of its kind that offers more convenience, consistency, effectiveness and less mess than traditional solutions.





It also has shown great benefit for migraine sufferers as Thermazone users report getting relief from migraine symptoms in as little as 5 minutes with over 75% getting relief within 30 minutes.



Since insurance providers do not pay for this type of therapy, Elite Medical Distributors LTD. decided to make this product a reasonable rental option for those recovering or needing this type of therapy at an affordable rate.


Give us a call to learn more about your Thermazone rental options!!!!