repbandMainResistive exercise products play an important  role in home and clinical rehabilitation programs and also strengthening programs that a persons medical provider may recommend. Progressive resistance exercise products are used for rehabbing from muscle and joint injuries, work hardening programs, and aerobic programs.  REP Band® Products play an integral part in these programs to strengthen muscles and increase endurance.


What makes Rep Band different from competitive products:

  1. They are produced of a non-latex material. Many people today have latex allergies or learn they do when they encounter latex with Rep Band you do not have to worry.
  2. They are powder free. You do not get covered with a powder substance when you are done using them as you can with other products.
  3. They are odor free. Many of our clients love the fact they do not carry the “rubber” smell with them all day.
  4. They are very nicely priced. You do not have to “break the bank” to be able to afford this type of rehabilitation product..

Rep Band offers five levels of resistance bands making it easy for people to use. They can begin at their appropriate level and increase the intensity by increasing the level of band.


This product is indicated for the following injuries (remember this is not a complete list and we are not providing medical advice in any way):

Low back pain
Obesity and weight control
Sarcopenia (ie, a loss of skeletal muscle mass that may accompany aging)
Impaired physical function in frail and elderly persons


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