Knee Scooter

Knee Scooter


We are pleased to be able to offer a Knee Scooter Rental Program to our patients. They are high quality knee scooters that make it easier for a patient who is having to recover from foot or ankle ailments (such as recovering from surgery or a fracture) have the ability to get around easier. It is especially beneficial for the elderly who may not be able to use crutches very easily.

Benefits of Knee scooters:

  • Very minimal upper body strength is required.
  • Knee Pad keeps leg off the ground.
  • Works with the body’s natural balance.
  • Hands are free to use while standing still.
  • Reduction in risk of putting weight on injured foot compared with crutches.

The fact is insurance companies are not covering these type of mobility aids for patients. Elite Medical Distributors LTD. makes them available on a rental basis. We rent them on a monthly basis at a very reasonable rate.


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