Knee Braching

We are pleased to be able to offer a fantastic line of knee bracing. Below you will find our most commonly ordered knee bracing but we have do have access to others. So if you do not see the brace you need give us a call as we should be able to get you what you need.

Universal Knee Brace:

10” long w/ open patella and 3 closures.

OA Everyday™

Features and Benefits:

  • Easiest to use prefabricated knee osteoarthritis brace.
  • ideally suited for activities of daily living.
  • Anterior thigh and calf cuff allows for easy application with four straps that buckle into place.
  • 3 point load shifts compressive knee joint forces from the degenerative area to the healthy compartment
  • Telescoping Condyle Pad (up to 6° of correction) enables patients to adjust load according to activity level
  • Swiveling, quick release buckles facilitate ease of application/removal and accommodates leg movement
  • Short brace-length (12.5″) accommodates short inseams

Tru-Pull Lite™

The latest patented technology from the Tru-Pull family of products. For acute mild to moderate lateral patellar subluxation or dislocation and maltracking.

Features and Benefits:

  • Bifurcated strap dynamically pulls the patella into proper alignment reducing pain associated with patellofemoral dysfunction
  • Dual durometer buttress system interfaces directly with the patella applying a consistent corrective force to reduce pain
  • Independent anchors at the thigh and calf prevent rotation of the brace
  • New anti-microbial, wicking fabric is hypoallergenic, breathable, and light weight—thereby increases patient comfort and compliance
  • Set of removable plastic hinges included with every brace to provide medial and lateral stability


The REACTION WEB is a responsive, webbed approach to knee pain that gives you a distinct alternative to the basic knee sleeve. Developed by world renown orthopedic surgeon this brace can help decrease knee pain and increase function to get you back to your active lifestyle. The elastomeric web is an innovative solution that absorbs shock, disperses energy and shifts pain away from your knee. This comfortable, easy to apply solution takes the shape of your knee, with an improved design engineered for better fit and comfort.


Features and Benefits:

  • Progressive Pain Relief — The elastomeric web design helps to reduce pain by dispersing energy across the knee. The web acts like a spring to absorb shock and shifts the peak loads away from the painful area of the knee.
  • Elastomeric Web — Acts to dynamically stabilize the patella on all sides, bringing the patella into proper tracking position to reduce pain for patients with general patellofemoral instabilities.
  • Sustained Comfort — The open framework of the elastomeric web, in combination with the mesh backing, creates a comfortable fit and a breathable solution for relief of anterior knee pain.
  • Stays in Place — The adjustable strapping at the top and bottom allow uniform pressure across the knee working in tandem with the elastomeric web to stay in place on the knee for all-day usage.
  • Better Fit and Comfort — A new back pad fits and conforms better to the knee, and is softer, more breathable and more lightweight.

Remember these are just a few of our top sellers. Click here to contact us to discuss your bracing needs.