scienceDeep Vein Thrombosis

Deep venous thrombosis (DVT) is the result of a blood clot formed in the vein. The clot typically forms in the legs and thighs and can lead to more severe complications such as a pulmonary embolism (PE). A DVT can form when there is trauma to the veins, prolonged immobility, or certain blood conditions cause the blood to clot faster than normal. There are many factors that can contribute to an individual’s risk for DVT development such as specific surgical procedures, age, activity level, current medications, and medical history.

More people die from blood clotting complications annually ( up to 200,000) than breast cancer, HIV, AIDS and road traffic accidents combined. It is estimated that nearly 2 million people in the United States are diagnosed with DVT each year. In addition, more than 50% of all hospitalized patients are at risk of developing DVT.

Risk factors for developing DVT:

  • History of DVT
  • Surgery
  • Trauma or broken bones
  • Periods of immobility 
  • Excess weight or obesity 
  • Smoking
  • Pregnancy and the first 6 weeks after giving birth.
  • Use of birth control or hormone replacement
  • Long-haul travel
  • Recent or ongoing treatment for cancer
  • A central venous catheter. This is a tube placed in a vein to allow easy access to the bloodstream for medical treatment.
  • Older age. Being older than 60 is a risk factor for DVT, although DVT can occur at any age.

Conditions or factors that make your blood thicker or more likely to clot than normal


DVT Lite



Our surgical consultant has recommended the DVT Lite product for our company over others. Its significant difference from competing products is that it has a peristaltic effect rather than air filling a chamber and is completely portable (battery operated) without the need for tubes.

The benefits of DVT Lite include: it mimics the body’s venous system, preventing blood from remaining still and clotting. Venowave is unique because it consists of no wires, sleeves or tubes – allowing DVT preventive care in the hospital, or during the home care after surgery discharge.

Weighing less than 0.5 pounds each, the Venowave requires just two “AA” batteries for operation. This revolutionary technology permits you to participate in normal lifestyle activities that were once impossible with other devices that are bulky, noisy, and immobile.

Easy to wear under loose clothing

Breathable cuffs

Uses a peristaltic pump for wave-motion

More flexible than standard cuffs.


The most wonderful feature is that one is not attached to electricity. Going to the bathroom or just moving around is so much easier than having to undo everything. A DVT Lite user said, “I had them on for 10 hours yesterday without having to touch them. The rechargeable batteries are easy to use and they charge quickly.”




This product also has a very strong benefit for not only travelers, but also has a great benefit for athletes. Proper circulation is very important  for athletic training and post-training muscle recovery. The Venowave uses gentle massaging action to move blood upwards, mimicking your body’s own vascular system. This increase of circulation helps to move oxygen into muscles, preparing them for workout during warm-up and promoting faster recovery during cool down. The product weighs less then 0.5 pounds each and requires a couple “AA” batteries (8 rechargeable batteries with charger are provided with each unit). This revolutionary technology permits you to participate in normal activities that were once impossible with other devices.


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