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The Cybertech Option Brace is a multi-adjustable modular bracing system that allows for universal fit for the majority of your patients with one brace.  The modular design provides the ability to conform to a variety of positions unique to each individual’s level of support needed. Its unique patented one-handed Mechanical Advantage Pulley System maximizes abdominal compression (5-to-1 ratio) regardless of the patient’s strength.  With its molded panels, it conforms to the natural shape of the thoracic-lumbar anatomy providing unparalleled control, compliance and comfort.

The Cybertech Option Back Brace design is a modular step-down system ideal for progression of treatment from pre-op to post-op and all the way through rehabilitation. It provides the needed support and motion restriction through each stage of the patient’s recovery. We also have a nice line of over-the-counter back braces from this same line.


Product Information:

  • 100% Customizable
  • One Brace adjusting from 25″ – 55″ means less inventory and  a better fit for your patients
  • PDAC approved for both OTS and Custom Fit Codes
  • 5 year warranty Industry leader
  • Double mesh lining- Very breathable material
  • Easy to use Pulley System- One hand operation
  • Triple Woven cords- Same as parachute cords!


Indications for use:

• Post-operative stabilization protocol following spinal fusion, laminectomy/laminotomy, foraminotomy, laproscopic disc replacement, IDET procedures, multi-level decompression.

• Control of unintended thoracic flexion posture • Chronic & mechanical low back pain

• Thoracic mechanical back pain.

• Promotion of spinal alignment to aid in pain reduction associated with osteoarthritis and other spinal anomalies.

• Early onset through variable stages of osteoporosis

• Compression fractures

• Facet syndrome

• Thoracolumbar injury

• Degenerative disc

• Kyphosis



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