We are pleased to welcome Biofreeze to EMD.


Biofreeze is a very effective topical pain reliever used in many different programs to treat injuries such as:

• Athletic Injuries.
• Muscle injuries.
• Shoulder and arm pain.
• Neck and leg pain.
• Hip and back pain.
• Joint Pain.
• Ankle and foot pain.
• Pain related to arthritis.
• It can also be used before, during, and after treatments to reduce stiffness which can lead to improved flexibility.


BIOFREEZE® PAIN RELIEVER contains ilex, an all-natural, herbal tea that has been used for centuries by the Paraguay Indians to enhance the effects of their medicines.

Product Benefits:

• Penetrates skin quickly and deeply.
• Greaseless.
• Non-staining with a vanishing scent.
• Manufactured in the United States of America.
• Not tested on animals
• Available in removable, hands-free applicator, gel, spray, roll-ons and  singles.
• Paraben-free.


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