Aids To Daily Living

Elite Medical Distributors line of Daily Living Aids help patients to complete tasks they are otherwise unable to do without help from a caregiver. Designed with the elderly or disabled person in mind, our selection of daily living aids include grippers, reachers, and dressing aids to help increase, maintain or improve the functional capability of patients needing help.

One of our most popular ADL (aids to daily living) is the Hip Replacement Kit which is a collection of the most requested and essential products designed to help patients who are recovering from a hip, knee or back surgery. The products in each kit are not only for those recovering from surgery, but for people who suffer from limited mobility, lower body injuries, arthritis or joint stiffness. All these items are combined in one handy package or can be purchased separately.

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The Hip kit comes complete with:
• 26” Reacher
• Hourglass Sponge
• Formed Sock Aid
• 18” Plastic Shoehorn with 86-0070 only
• 27” Dressing Stick with 86-0084 only

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